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Advantage of limited group of users: 2007 to see VPS Hosting

Enter 2007, Vientiane updated pages of history turn a new page in turn, rolling the wheel forward market development, as a technical change rapidly changing industry, IDC (Internet Data Center) the development of the business are constantly changing.

Last year, we still expect 2007 to be the most anticipated new technology, new products, and this year we will soon witness the renewal of these product technology. In the last year, promising technology that we, VPS is undoubtedly a very shiny.

The technology has good prospects, because it makes up the traditional virtual hosting can not be avoided by isolating the stability and security issues, a server on which the user no longer face the problem of a user's site and all affected, and VPS the user the right to manage server resources to the greatest degree of user, service providers do not need all day to the client and server problems and exhausted, both users and service providers are a good thing.

VPS technologies before we discuss the basic talking about VPS advantages, but VPS in 2007 to comprehensively promote the Kai Lai is not an easy task because it is itself also has certain conditions, today we have further explored the VPS Zhuji all its aspects:

Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS) Introduction

Virtual Dedicated Server ("Virtual Private Server", or simply "VPS") is the use of SWsoft's Virtuozzo virtual server software on one physical server to create multiple isolated and small servers. Without any operating system installation, these small servers (VPS) itself has its own operating system, its operation and management and the independent server exactly the same. Virtual private server to ensure that all resources for the user exclusive, to the user to ensure the highest quality of service, allowing users to enjoy the price of hosting an independent host quality of service.

VPS technology advantages

* The only supports Linux and Windows, VPS products

VPS is the only Linux and Windows platforms support both the VPS (Virtual Private Server) product. VPS technology using virtual operating system, making each physical server hardware can be installed under the support of the 50 ~ 200 VPS to provide services to customers. Is the best commercial server virtualization product. Virtuozzo management tools on Windows and Linux are generic, making the operating system on managing the work of two more simple.

鈥?Two isolation: achieving zero downtime server to ensure that each VPS exclusive resources

Why do users tend to love the independent hosting services? One of the most important reason is that the server has full control and free from outside interference of other factors. The Virtuozzo VPS will have the same function! VPS to achieve two separate software and hardware isolation, and isolation of clients and customers.

* Software and hardware isolation

VPS uses virtualization technology to achieve the operating system software and hardware isolation, thus changing the procedure often used by hackers attack the entrance, thus increasing the server's security, this also means that VPS can be quickly and easily migrate from one server to another. In fact Virtuozzo even more than the standalone server must be secure. As virtualization technology based on the operating system, VPS fully with the underlying hardware isolation, through operating system templates for easy opening of VPS server, you can drag and drop way to achieve instant VPS server migration, so as to truly realize the server when the zero-downtime maintenance and updating.

* Isolation between customers

Each VPS has its own independent server resources (including the drive, CPU, memory, disk and network I / O), thanks to the dynamic partition isolation, VPS to achieve isolation between different customers. Isolation between clients to ensure each VPS server can monopolize their resources, but also against individual users of DDos attacks will not affect other users of the same physical server, DDos attack will be reduced to the least harm, to improve the security of the server . And if one of the VPS is down, the other VPS will not be affected, can still function properly.

* Each user assigned a different IP

VPS support to each user can assign different IP, this is very meaningful. Because in the traditional virtual host, each user is the same one IP, that is their domain are different, but analysis of the IP are the same, meaning that if a user of the website click advertising alliance violation, cheating, then sealed the alliance IP, then all sites on this IP can not get the alliance to click ads pay; similar to the same IP implicated in other cases, of course, a lot of users. Therefore, each user bind different IP is very meaningful.

VPS development constraints

If this one that seems to VPS has been perfect, almost every aspect goes beyond the traditional virtual host, then all operators in the 2007 IDC done VPS, VPS we also use it not better?

Definitely not. VPS host, though they have so many advantages, but it is very close to a theoretically independent host, so it faces the same host with the independent cost:

* The cost of the hardware resources as a result

We know that because of VPS servers are based on the operating system in a virtual environment, a number of sub-systems, the user is in their own sub-system environment before installing the new operating system to run, played the Virtual PC software, the reader will know, the virtual the efficiency of the above subsystems is relatively low, so VPS server configuration must be high, most of them with dual Xeon; or virtual subsystem performance to be satisfactory.

In addition, because use of memory resources VPS isolation, so a user points away 1 GB of memory, the equivalent of less server 1 GB of memory, in this case, each user must occupy a separate memory resources, the server needs configuration of the memory capacity is very large, generally in the 4-8 GB, therefore, the server hardware prices doing we are more expensive than a P4 server can do more expensive web hosting servers.

* A single server can afford a small number of users

As mentioned above, the memory or exclusive problem, then had another problem - a single server can afford a small number of users. We can calculate if a server has 8 GB of memory (which has many of the operators), and each user has 256 MB of memory, so it can meet nearly 30 users of the virtual system; if each user has 512 MB of memory, this server can only have more than 10 users.

What is this concept, which is a block tens of thousands of servers and thousands of pieces of hosting costs to more than 10 users from this burden, to pay several thousand dollars per person per year.

Look at the tradition of hosting, a server thousands of pieces, the top can run around for nearly 100 users, count as long as the hosting fee is also the burden of 100 per person per year, or hundreds, with the cost of VPS is not entirely a level on.

Some friends of mine asked me why VPS users to get the memory does not plan to re smaller, so more users can afford not it? Certainly not, VPS memory resource is exclusive, and if you only to the user 128 MB memory, he just installed on a Windows 2003 could run no longer, let alone eat a lot of memory, SQL SERVER these services.

* Software resources in the cost of

VPS to use software developed by the SWsoft Virtuozzo, then the software licensing fees nature is inevitable, we know that software licensing fees are more users the lower the average cost, but the VPS server would have no way to support a large number of users, so The software cost is not to be ignored.

VPS the most appropriate user

Therefore, VPS and can not completely replace the traditional web hosting, after all, there are many low-end users, but the VPS has all the advantages of an independent host, the host cut off than the independent cost savings for operators is also the host of independent power fee costs, therefore, this technology is worth promising market prospects.

So, what kind of user the most appropriate use of this host it?

* SME users, small business website users

SME's official website generally used for the enterprises themselves are described, also accept simple the online ordering Ye Wu, Xiao Xing Shangyewangzhan user Zhuyaojiushi an online mall and the like, so do not need too much space and bandwidth, Dan Shi Fu Wuqi must Yao stability, or see the Web site off-line customers leave the bad.

Such users are not very sensitive to price, but stability is not good enough to buy a virtual host, a waste to buy an independent host, with the VPS is the most appropriate.

* The virtual host in the high-end users

A virtual host, even to the hard drive is bigger, of those in the high-end virtual machine users are not enough, because too little to get the management right, but stability is a problem, In addition, these users may have certain degree of technical ability, I hope to install some components on the server or change the server's security settings, VPS is more suitable for such users.

* Entrepreneurial Website

Internet business is now in the trend to various universities, but students in business, capital is the biggest problem, let alone a start a business, more money is changing experience, so purchase independence host is not very practical, and buy virtual the host, limiting too much, not enough to support the development of medium and long term, VPS appropriate.


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