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With a dinner of examples: MRP or APS

One day at noon, Old Chang suddenly returned home to his wife, said: "Dear wife, a few colleagues to come home at night to eat. This time I specifically home to the most advanced ERP concept to use to complete the process of our family's dinner, and The ERP should be a home dinner party mess. You see, I have been using CRM customer relationship management modules and the overall management of the relationship between several colleagues. This time they identify the relevant information to come to dinner, I have put on sales management in contract management and order management, and data is automatically passed to the accounts receivable module, financial module, as well as master production scheduling module, according to customers wishes and requirements, to determine what the final dish to do, that is, have a master production schedule. "

Wife: "That would be nice, home is your workshop, I was Workshop Director, your main production plan in which a few dishes, what time do?"

Old Chang: "the guests came around 7:00, 8 o'clock to finish the best. Dishes: assorted cold dishes, sweet and sour fillet, motorcoach, Kung Pao chicken, steamed crab, crispy rice meat, these are is your signature dish, you can see it? "wife:" No problem, look at my bar "

Old Chang: I have put into practice these dishes to the BOM in the next step, let me start with a BOM way to see what dishes needed. Specific materials include: a carp, crab pound, lean meat 1 kg, chicken, half a catty, crispy rice bag, 1 bottle of white wine, tomatoes, 5, 10 eggs, some spices, look, this is a material requirements planning . I have put our house in the fridge things into ERP inventory module, let me see how much stock ... .... Also need to buy fish, crabs, six eggs, five tomatoes, a bag of salt, rice crust, etc. and so on.
Old Chang to the data recorded in the procurement module to begin comparing supplier inquiries, said: should go to the free market to buy fish, crabs East cheapest supermarket eggs are the best small shop across the street, but once bought eggs according to economic volume 12 of the best, crispy rice and salt for at least a bag of fish to buy a half kilogram a best ... ... ... see, procurement plan has been made, according to the buy it on.

His wife off at once, things to buy soon need to come back. Old Chang the price recorded the number of 11, made a record after passing the quality control process of the warehouse - in the refrigerator. Old Chang then how much money spent to do a sum of all accounts into the financial module, once the statistics of the purchase amount, the cost of information materials.

The time now is 15:00 more, ERP Seder all preparations are complete, work efficiency. Old Chang proud to say, look, ERP's power display came out, right? Now the workflow is in accordance with the most advanced management concepts, the most scientific, most rational, used or to buy the rest, or on the shortage, are now fully in accordance with the needs of procurement, is really quite different friends. His wife said, ERP is better than the manual, before the account is always a mess, and now more clear.

However, things are still not finished, what then? Guests 7 o'clock, a few start cooking? As early as the food cold, late hours too late. She asked, Lao Zhang, Lao Zhang said, which is equivalent to production scheduling, which is the specific implementation of the things you shop ah, how will you ever cook, how long in advance what work should be started, which is the bottleneck resource, you should have experience it. But the wife was a bit Fameng,'ve never been asked to do so much in such a short period of time the food. Together all the various cooking processes require more than two hours in total. Carefully calculated, there are three gas stove at home, just to sit at the same time three fire pot: fryer, steamer, wok. His wife, the same person no problem to cope with three pots, each dish prepared to process raw materials is also another need for a person, Lao Zhang could serve as such, can also do a lot of work, should be used much shorter than 2 hours to complete. But so much work, where to start it? Is a dish do? Or two work together? With three courses can do for you? The key resources are steamer dish, Another is the cooker, mix together well dishes in who knows how the story? Each process in the lead in the end what? What is the critical path? Old Chang have also impossible to say.

This is called when a colleague came up and asked a few to finish, we go to play bowling. Is ambiguous for this worry of Old Chang said more than one hour bar. This is not a delivery commitment to our customers yet? All done from the beginning to cook, 1 hour End of it? His wife even more anxious. This time they called her and asked several students at can not please to eat, as long as do the two dishes? This time also to fill in chaos, not more trouble you. His wife said: No no, you go out to eat!

To ensure the construction period to avoid the trouble of breach of contract extension, his wife decided to start dry hands immediately ... .....

A few days later, Old Chang began to sum up the pros and cons of ERP banquet operations. Summed up the problem mainly in the following:

First: crab and fish bought earlier, could have been alive when cooking the results to the dead, more than one hour, smells bad the.
Second: There are several hot dishes made early, wait until the guests come on it is cold dishes.
Third: there's food on too late, to wait for the last course we sat half-empty, process obviously unreasonable arrangements. Even the last to play also delayed.

In short, in front of all management aspects of the case are smooth, the final production process is not satisfactory.

But the wronged wife. So many dishes, had a one to do to use more than two hours, and finally to compress into a half-hour finish, is no easy task, and vegetables on a little later, but the kitchen has been busy then; want to finish early can only be done early, and vegetables, will inevitably be cold; fish and crabs die, your procurement plans where there are several points to buy fish and crab to buy tips. Your ERP private banquet scheduled for 1 hour, can not tell you why the ERP one hour simply not finish?

Old Chang speechless, have begun to consider this thing. He knew, from the nature of these issues as the core ERP MRP production management caused by the inevitable shortcomings. MRP itself is the material requirement plan, there may not meet the constraints of limited resources and a variety of production operations under the plan. No work plan, there would be no precise time of the material requirements planning? This how to do it, it appears only on the MRP opposite, that is, the APS. There are so many pieces of software you, really have the software, called the process resource management, then, try.

Finally, Old Chang then go to several other colleagues, after confirmation, or with the same food and the last time. But back to APS home dinner and private banquet last MRP what is the same? Lao Zhang and his wife together with the APS to study how to organize this dinner that night.

Old Chang first to do the whole process of each dish, what resources, materials, and more time, logic etc. are input to the APS system, and then click on an obscure 'calculate' button, take a look at what could appear it. Computer constantly winked at, there was a minute, this is actually very fresh, it is considered what? His wife, staring at it curiously. The results finally came out, it is a detailed list of cooking programs, also has a Gantt chart. A closer look, two people were very surprised, APS system clear answer: as long as 42 minutes to complete the cooking work. And precision that a fish should be used when in 7:20:00, pound crab should be used in 7:40:00, and other colored materials is the amount of points need for a fraction of the time, the first few points each process end point, how much free time the middle, which process is the key process.

Is this possible? Two checks against Gantt Shi Jin, look at the various dishes of work arrangements, right, yes, even the cold dish must be placed some time to plate filling, fillet must be blowing up two minutes later and cook the sweet and sour fillet, fried Pakistan finished rice crust meat pan immediately so the details are exactly right. It is not have the resources in the conflict Yeah, two side dishes in turn check, steamer, fryer, wok, each resource is 42 minutes of time in the very compact arrangement, but is a finish Also a dry process started again, a chain, no chaos. This is the true 'resource planning' ah. Two people sigh, knew such a short period of time to complete the last how to approach this!

Old Chang quickly figure out another way to complete some 42 minutes, which is a better comparison. Some of my colleagues called me and this time asked the time, Lao Zhang readily replied: an hour to get! Daughter called and asked the evening add a food: asking the students to eat Zhawan Zi soup into it? It is difficult to do the dishes together, but ah, first squeeze the balls, then fried, and finally soup, several steps add up to half an hour of time. Lao Zhang told do not rush, to add such a dish in the APS figured. Soon outcome: in a suitable time to start doing this dish, make full use of idle resources, the whole process an increase of only 11 minutes. No problem, come on! See, the original sent packing in the customers back.

Old Chang suddenly thought, I now demand for fish and crabs have been accurate to seconds the time. This time I can directly request the fresh produce supplier to send me home on time, they have the services, I would not have purchased themselves, to fresh fish and crabs when the time came directly into the kitchen, do not account for inventory, and even refrigerators do not need to use the. That is my own production program is fully integrated with external logistics, is not this the formation of the right SCM supply chain. SCM appears to be the prerequisite is you have to first have accurate production planning, or else no use of external logistics longer time. And my products to customers is accurate to seconds the time to meet them the same request. This whole chain can not simultaneously achieve all aspects of efficient production, minimize inventory of you. Very deep SCM original now seems so simple.

The next day, Lao Zhang's colleagues were all talking about yesterday's dinner, focusing not on how the taste of food, but Chang and his wife to cook amazing process, while the three pan fire started with a few dishes, while steaming fried side side of the bombing saw two orderly hurry, as the plot picked up the pieces of this down, then continue to serve a dish, like magic, really powerful. Ate dinner the first time people are strange, the same dish, this why so different?

Old Chang this time for a deeper understanding of ERP knowledge, ERP key is to be on the 'resources' to 'plan', as do private banquet APS program this way, clearly shows how each resource should go to work its maximum efficiency, while meeting the various constraints. Instead of the original amount of material, or manual operation plan. Light of his experience, Lao Zhang wrote in the paper a formula:
MRP + MIS (Invoicing Finance) = MRPII
APS + MIS (Invoicing Finance) = ERP
This is probably the biggest difference between MRP and APS.

Attachment: Banquet model recipe

1), assorted cold dishes, including fried pork ribs, steamed cured meat, boiled peanuts. 2) Sweet and sour fillet 3) Kung Pao Chicken 4) motorcoach 5) steamed crab 6) rice crust meat. Cook a few points that must be put in some time before cold dish plate and serve. When do sweet and sour fried fillet, fried fillet finished 2 minutes and cook the tenderloin, a long time will be well short of the taste. The point is fried rice crust meat finished cooking rice crust immediately hack is not allowed to place.

All the main processes needed food resources: a garnish member of a wok, a steamer and a fryer, corresponding to side dishes, fried, steamed, fried such working procedures. All of these food practices are as follows:

Dishes and process logic of time (minutes) resources
Steamed meat to plate and serve after 10 minutes 6 Steamer
Fried pork 5 minutes to plate and serve 8 fryer
A boiled peanuts, assorted cold dish after 15 minutes to plate and serve 10 wok
5 garnish plate and serve cold dish
After fried loin to 2 minutes and cook fried fillet pan fried 8
Sweet and sour fried loin loin B 5 wok
Garnish garnish finished dishes to fried loin 5
Motorcoach - Fish fried fish before steaming finished 7 fryer
Motorcoach C motorcoach - garnish finished dishes can be steamed fish 5 garnish
Motorcoach - Steamed Fish 10 Steamer
Kung pao chicken - fried chicken side dishes to complete the small side dishes of 10 side dishes
Kung pao chicken D Kung Pao Chicken - fried chicken, fried Ding Ding 5 End to fried chicken fryer
12 Stir Fried Kung Pao Chicken
E steamed crab steamed crab - steamed crabs steamed steamer End to garnish 15
Steamed Crab - 5 garnish garnish
Rice crust pork - side dishes side dishes to complete steamer Palestine, 5 side dishes of meat can be fried
F crispy rice crispy rice pork meat - Pakistan steamed steamer steamer completed before cooking 8
Rice crust meat - fried meat, fried meat finished cooking must begin immediately after the 5 fryer
Rice crust meat - wok cooking 8

Or the model, an additional dish.

(Meatball soup F)
Side dishes, is to make balls while members of the side dishes under the fryer Zhawan Zi, 2 minutes after the start from the dishes start on time Zhawan Zi, side dishes of the time 8 minutes, with side dishes member.
Zhawan Zi, blowing up balls to soup, Zha Wanzai time 13 minutes, with the fryer
Soup, fried dumplings completed within 10 minutes after the completion of soup to start, no more than 10 minutes, soup 10 minutes. With the wok.

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