Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yang Jianrong policy first laid off TCL Computer is expected to cut 70% of R & D

TCL Group (* STTCL, 000100) subsidiary TCL Computer Division in the coaching change after nearly a month to tighten policy. It is reported that, TCL Computer will be led by new General Manager Yang Jianrong a national retrenchment, TCL Computer spokesman Xie Yong told reporters yesterday, acknowledged, "Some employee turnover is normal." But he denied the cuts rate to reach 50 % of the rumors.

As the poor performance, TCL Computer personnel changes took place in July, leaving the former general manager Paul Yeung, YANG Jian, general manager of the financial background of the new post office, sent an open letter to appease the channels.

Analysts said that as the TCL Group has been operating division system, each division has a lot of autonomy, which led to the division set up bloated bodies, large numbers of people, TCL Computer is no exception, having ideals laid off after taking office consolidation is also not surprised. Into the black in the TCL Group, the main tone of this year, the Yang Jianrong's priority is to continue to improve the computer's operating status of TCL, layoffs efficiency is often one of the recruit.

The cuts will focus on R & D department TCL Computer, the peak of the sector has more than 300 R & D staff, there is still more than 100 employees, and does not and TCL office computer with other staff, but rent a separate office. It is said that the cuts will retain one-third of R & D personnel, which is about 30, these 30 people will work in its headquarters moved to TCL Computer, the original rental office will drained away, to save costs. R & D department for a large-scale layoffs, Xie Yong said yesterday that this claim is wrong, but he did not provide reasons, but that now can not communicate the actual situation.

In addition to R & D departments, TCL Computer's marketing and other ancillary departments and lay off around the business sector into the sequence, the various departments were laid off last week, has begun to receive notice of places, the task of each department in accordance with the indicators of the implementation of layoffs. It is understood that the layoff process is conducted in a friendly atmosphere, and leave the number of years employees will be given by the work of "N +1" wage compensation.

Xie Yong told reporters yesterday, after taking office, the new general manager, TCL Computer is still discuss how to take the next step process, early in September there should be shaping the program, when will the media to communicate, "we seek is a highly efficient operation solid growth. "

It is understood that most of the TCL Computer channel operators welcome for the positive attitude of layoffs, these channels can be expected through layoffs Jianshao TCL Computer internal cost, to channel support Yiner also more rapid and timely.

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