Friday, March 11, 2011

Qi Cheng white-collar workers willing to work part-time outside the "private activities"

Eating bowl, and thinking about everything. According to ChinaHR yesterday for the 1463 business within three years of experience investigating white-collar staff of the situation shows that 7 adults willing to work part-time outside the "private activities", and they almost all want to muffled rich, not a trace of the unit revealed a message.

26-year-old Mr. Tang, a consulting firm in the research and analytical work on his online shop in Taobao over wage income. He sold food to lose weight mainly because of chance was a special purchase channel, so that product prices lower than 10% of the market, so business is very good, about average monthly fetched 35,000 yuan, profit nearly 10,000 yuan .

"Sideline" well run, they must invest considerable time and effort. Therefore, the part-time personnel manager who has been regarded as taboo for the workplace. However, in order to have a monthly "quick money", 7 percent of the people that can secretly get dried up is the "investment partnership" and "on-line shop." However, most of them still have scruples, nearly seven adults and colleagues said the secret to the unit.

Survey, when the sideline income over wages, only 8.8% of the people will insist on positions in existing companies to focus on. Therefore, personnel ChinaHR Research Center, warned the young white-collar, professional and long-term vision should be. Professional experience is limited, relatively low wages is inevitable, but this time the young people growing up in the workplace, a critical period. If too seeks profit, career planning resulting chaos could be the next promotion rather narrow road.

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